How we introduce candidate CVs to our clients - LiveList Demonstration


How we introduce candidate CVs to our clients - LiveList Demonstration

true 04 March 2021

​Most recruitment businesses have the same method for sending their candidate profiles and CVs to their customers, that being a standard email with an attached CV and summary.

This has its merits, but also some obvious pitfalls such as having long email chains to arrange/ rearrange interviews, accidentally deleting CVs and not having all information about your current vacancy and candidates all in the same place. We do things a little differently.....

Welcome to First Hand Recruitment's LiveList™

The LiveList™ is your personalised, transparent, and intuitive candidate dashboard allowing you to seamlessly collaborate AND communicate effectively with us and your colleagues - eliminating those important candidates getting lost in email chains.

What’s in it for you?

✓ No more shuffling between emails and searching for lost documents.

✓ The ability to accept / reject candidates and schedule interviews directly.

✓ Remove rejected candidates and forward the list internally to your colleagues or your hiring manager community.

✓ Check the status of each candidate.

✓ Rate and add comments directly.

This will revolutionise how you go about your recruitment process, making it faster and more efficient - stop losing those superstar candidates because the recruitment process takes so long.

Check out the demo here and if you have any questions call us - 01372 365 057 or email us here

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