How to create a Job-Seeker Strategy (Part 1)


How to create a Job-Seeker Strategy (Part 1)

true 17 February 2021

If landing your ideal job was an easy task, let’s face it recruitment agencies wouldn’t exist. In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing job market the ideal scenario for any potential jobseeker is to strategise the process of landing an amazing job offer at that dream organisation. 

The days of spamming your CV on every single job board, company website and approaching every non-qualified recruitment agency are gone. So you’ll have to put in some effort before you make those approaches.


“If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.“

Abraham Lincoln


The good news is that time invested in good groundwork and preparation for your job search will vastly reduce the potential for time wasted ahead, and radically increase the efficiency of all your actions. The points below will help you work with your chosen recruiter to identify and find that dream job. When you speak to a recruiter for the first time, these questions will definitely need to be answered.

 Think about what exactly you want in a new job:

·      What industry?

·      What type of role?

·      What sector?

·      What specific field?

·      What size of organisation?

·      What position? (list all potential job titles that would suit you)

·      What level?

·      What prospects?

·      What salary and package?

 Where do you want it:

·      What location or how far will you realistically commute?

·      During the pandemic, most people have all been working from home (WFH) as much as possible. This is here to stay, and many organisations have implemented a WFH system – will this suit your needs?

·      Do you want to work in the defence or security sector? If so, are you eligible to gain the necessary security clearances?

 When you want it?

·      What are your timescales, and how long is your notice period?

·      And what date would you ideally have secured a new role?

 What key motivators and drivers for your job search:

·      Are you bored in your current role?

·      Are you looking for a pay rise?

·      Are you interested in using your skills learned in a different sector?

·      Has changes in your current employer made you want to look elsewhere?

·      Have you ‘outgrown’ your job?


In summary, be really prepared. Having all this information to hand prior to instigating a conversation with a specialist recruiter will allow you to convey all your necessary requirements and needs so that you are only sent to job vacancies and clients that will be relevant to you.

Once you have all this information ready, drop your CV here and let’s set up a call

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