10 Tips for Winning your next Video Interview


10 Tips for Winning your next Video Interview

true 09 February 2021

The last 12 months and the ongoing impact of COVID-19 has moved Video Interviewing as the ‘go-to’ method of first stage interviews not just in the Defence and Tech space, but in all aspects of recruitment.

The chances are that your next interview could be a video interview and we have put together a list of top tips and pointers that we have gained from feedback from candidates and clients alike.

If you’ve never been asked to participate in a video interview during your job hunt before the prospect may seem a little daunting, but if you follow our advice below you’ll be ready to ace that first one!

Here are 10 video interviewing tips that will help you advance to the next round.


1.    Test the Tech: Whether you are using Zoom, Microsoft teams or something similar make sure you get your recruiter or a friend to test your connection and set up in advance of your interview.

2.    Get your lighting right: Try to avoid glare and if you want a really professional view you can buy a ring-light to remove shadows.

3.    Be tidy: Clear up your interview area – make sure that the background looks smart and presentable.

4.    Don’t run out of power: If using a Laptop, set a reminder the night before to fully charge it up.

5.    Dress to impress: For your video interview, you should dress professionally—the same way you would for an in-person interview.

6.    Don’t be distracted: Turn off your mobile phone, close any apps or unnecessary browser windows and make sure that anyone at home will not disturb you for the duration of the interview.

7.    Get old school: Print a copy of your CV, the Job Description, a glass of water and any questions you may have for the interviewer and keep them out of sight, but close enough to see if you need them. Always keep a notepad and pen handy.

8.    Be early: Join the video interview lobby/ room a few minutes before the start time.

9.    Try not to be shy: Smile, nod, use hand gestures and always try and maintain virtual eye contact with your interviewer.

10. Be Grateful: At the end of the interview, make sure you thank them for their consideration and time. Read more about a great post-interview tip here on our blog:



Good luck with your next Video Interview!

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